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Decarbonizing the Crypto Assets Conference: A Case Study by NRverse

The Crypto Assets Conference (CAC) is one of the leading European conferences on blockchain, DLT and crypto assets. This year, the conference organizer worked with NRverse to decarbonize the conference. This article presents our approach and what other event organizers can expect when decarbonizing with NRverse.

Carbon-neutral logo implemented:

Decarbonizing the Crypto Assets Conference

The CAC attracts over 400 on-site and more than 5,000 online attendees. The hybrid event provides a platform for networking, learning and sharing knowledge about the latest trends in the blockchain and crypto asset space. To decarbonize the event, we first conducted a status quo assessment and analyzed several categories, including energy supply at the venue, catering, materials, transportation but also emissions from the online event. For the assessment, we closely worked with the event management team to collect and evaluate available data. With such a 360-degree assessment we can cover all direct and indirect emissions and present them in an easy-to-understand way.

We covered the emissions with carbon offsets and let the conference organizer decide which one he preferred. To increase transparency and trust, we provided a blockchain-based proof of the event’s carbon neutrality, in form of an NFT.

CAC’s Carbon-footprint assessment results

Dealing with emissions from traveling and accommodation

For most conferences, travel activities represent the largest part of the emissions. Especially flights easily multiplicate the event’s direct emissions by factor 10 and hence require special attention. For our assessment, we conducted a survey during the conference. A QR code at the entrance guided the participants to a short questionnaire which allowed us to precisely calculate their own emissions. The event organizer can decide to cover those emissions or leave it up to the participants to take responsibility. Alternative approaches allow sponsors to contribute to the offsetting.

Web application to collect participant’s travel & accommodation information

Include carbon neutrality in your communications

The event manager of the CAC used the NFT to communicate that the conference was carbon-neutral. This was included on the website, the event ticket, LinkedIn, and also during the event a roll-up and flyers informed the visitors about the carbon-neutral event. This helped to create awareness and communicate the event’s sustainability efforts to the attendees. We truly believe that engaging with attendees and providing them with a way to take action to cover their CO2 emissions is a powerful tool to enhance the reputation of any conference.

Carbon-neutral logo on the visitor’s pass (top right corner)

Contact us if you want to have the same for your event

If you are an event organizer or venue operator and are interested in decarbonizing your event, contact NRverse. We can help you to conduct a status quo assessment, identify emissions and offset them through carbon credits. We can also provide a blockchain-based proof of carbon neutrality that can be used for marketing and communication purposes.

By working with NRverse, event organizers and venue operators can take a proactive approach towards sustainability and demonstrate their commitment to reducing emissions. The CAC is a great example of how blockchain and carbon tokenization can be used to create transparency and accountability in carbon offsetting efforts.

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