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How to reduce your event's CO2 footprint

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Discover our straightforward process for measuring and offsetting your event's CO2 emissions. Let's navigate these steps together to achieve a "carbon-neutral" event.
Understanding Our Process: 
Measuring and Offsetting Your Event's CO2 Footprint


Preliminary Assessment

The journey towards a carbon-neutral event begins with a thorough assessment of your current situation. We gather all necessary data from you and your suppliers to conduct a professional CO2 measurement. Once all data is standardized and categorized, we are ready to proceed to the next step.


Reducing Your Event's Footprint

We engage in the evaluation of your event's sustainability criteria during the planning phase itself. This proactive approach significantly contributes to reducing the carbon footprint and the subsequent offsetting requirements. Our focus is on identifying and minimizing emissions from the get-go, helping to design a greener, more eco-conscious event.


Issuance of "Carbon-Neutral" Label

Upon verifying the accuracy of your input data, we award our "carbon-neutral" event label. This label, complete with a unique ID, can be traced back through our website, ensuring transparency and credibility.


Measuring CO2 Footprint

With the data collected, we calculate the carbon footprint of your event using the GHG Protocol standards. We consider all impact categories and take into account emissions from scope 1-3, ensuring there is no double counting. For any data that is unavailable, we generate estimates utilizing industry benchmarks and educated predictions.


CO2 Offset

We secure CO2 offsets from projects certified by GoldStandard or Verra. We advise the use of removal credits to prevent potential accusations of greenwashing.


Communication Support

We assist you in publicizing your carbon-neutral event. We provide you with the "carbon-free" label to display on your event's website, allowing visitors to learn about your event's carbon footprint and your sustainability efforts. Additionally, we supply you with written content to highlight the eco-friendly aspects of your event in your newsletters and other communications.

NRverse showcased remarkable professionalism, requiring minimal effort from our side to integrate sustainable practices into our annual Crypto Assets Conference. The ability to display their 'carbon-free' logo on our website and event tickets significantly boosted our credibility. The surprisingly affordable cost of their services made the experience even better.

Prof. Philipp Sandner, Head of Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

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