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Start your sustainable event journey with us

Measure, report and reduce the carbon emission of your event.

The platform

Automated carbon accounting for events of any kind.

No matter if you organize concerts, conferences or metaverse events. Gain a competitive advantage and assess the sustainability rating of your event. 


Don't spend thousands of Euros for consultants.

Use our guided process and our carbon database to easily determine the carbon footprint of your event.


Proudly present your carbon rating and mitigation measures.

Compare your sustainability rating with other events, gain competitive advantage and the trust your visitors.


Offer our end-user app to your visitors to cover their travel and accommodation footprint.

Reward them them with vouchers, benefits and perks at your conference.

How it works:

Assess: In a guided process we assess the fundamental emissions of your event. Our database provides carbon emission factors for all relevant products of an event. Just drag and drop what every you need. 

Reduce: Based on the collected information we provide a sustainability rating of your event and provide reduction measures.

Offsetting: We offset all emissions that cannot be reduced. With access to high quality carbon offsets.

Report: Create a sustainability report and proudly share your results, ratings and mitigation measures.

Engage: We make it super simple to assess and offset the emission from travelling from and to the event.


Our Partners


About the company

NRverse GmbH is a German venture with activities around the globe. The company offers sustainability services for virtual and physical events and beyond.

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